14th June 2018, Rome

“Systems Medicine in Italy – Who and Where? Present and  future perspectives”

On 14th June 2018, the Strategic Awareness Event “Systems Medicine in Italy – Who and Where? Present and future perspectives” will take place at the Ministry of Health Headquarters in Rome (Italy).

The impact of Systems Medicine and its future applications in Italy and Europe will be addressed in the framework of ERACoSysMed.

ERA-NET ERACoSysMed “Collaboration on Systems Medicine funding to promote the implementation of systems biology approaches in clinical research and medical practice” started in January 2015 as the first ERA-Net on Systems Medicine under the EU Framework Programme Horizon2020. Through awareness events clinicians and patients are provided with information on how Systems Medicine can contribute to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

The upcoming event will be divided into two sessions. During the morning session, scientific experts will give an overview on Systems Medicine and talk about its current and future implementation in their own countries, including aspects related to training, data management and regulatory-motivated research. The afternoon session will focus on the methodological advances and applications of research in medical systems and their impact on clinical practice with talks related to research, hospitalization and the healthcare (IRCCS) Network. Patient associations will also be represented and will be invited to express their point of view. Italian participants in the funded JTC-1 projects will talk about developments in their work.

Over 50 experts from the Systems Medicine field will participate in discussions with representatives of Italian research.

Further information will soon be available.

For inquiries, please contact the Italian Ministry of Health: