2nd Joint Transnational Call 2017

"2nd Joint Transnational call for European Projects on Systems Medicine"

The second call was implemented in 2017 and focused on funding demonstrator projects. It is expected that the outcomes of the projects will improve current knowledge of health and disease, leading to new paths for clinical research aimed at delivering better and more efficient and personalised prevention, diagnostics and treatments of human diseases.

  • Call text (pdf)
  • Guidelines for applicants (pdf)

Five projects in the area of wound healing and in several disease areas, namely cancer, kidney, lung, and neurodegeneration, got funded with a total budget of 6.09 Mio €

For a short description of the project please klick on (pdf) after the title of the project or visit the P2P database on the ERA-LEARN 2020 portal by clicking on LINK.

  • prediCt: Mathematical modeling of TKI effects and immune response to predict patient-specific treatment dynamics in CML (pdf) LINK
  • PD-Strat: Multi-dimensional stratification of Parkinson’s disease patients for personalised interventions (pdf) LINK
  • 4D-HEALING: Data-Driven Drug Discovery for Wound Healing (pdf) LINK
  • ROCKET: Reclassification using OmiCs integration in KidnEy Transplantation (pdf) LINK
  • SysMed-COPD: Systems Medicine-based clinical decision support for COPD patients (pdf) LINK