JTC-1 in 2015

The first call was implemented in 2015 as a call cofunded by the European Union. The call focused on funding demonstrator projects which show the social and economic benefit of the systems medicine approach.

  • Call text (pdf)
  • Guidelines for applicants (pdf)

Nine projects in various disease areas, namely cancer, heart, kidney, lung, liver, nervous system, intestine, colon got funded with a total budget of 12.7 Mio €.

For a short descrition of the project please klick on (pdf) after the title of the project or visit the P2P database on the ERA-LEARN 2020 portal by clicking on LINK.

  • COLOSYS: A systems approach to preventing drug resistance in colon cancer (pdf) | LINK
  • DYNAFLOW: Dynamic bile flow modelling and cellular sensing in primary sclerosing cholangitis (pdf) | LINK
  • OPTIMIZE-NB: Optimizing first-line therapy for aggressive neuroblastoma by systems medicine (pdf) | LINK
  • OxyUC: The impact of hypoxia on inflammation and tumorigenesis in ulcerative colitis (pdf) | LINK
  • PUSHCART: Personalized simulations for improving cardiac resynchronization therapy (pdf) | LINK
  • Sys4MS: Using computational tools to design personalized healthcare for Multiple Sclerosis (pdf) | LINK
  • SysAFiB: Systems medicine for diagnosis and stratification of atrial fibrillation (pdf) | LINK
  • Sys-MIFTA: A systems medicine approach to minimize macrophage-associated interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy in renal allograft rejection (pdf) | LINK
  • SysPharmPedia: Systems pharmacology approach to difficult-to-treat pediatric asthma (pdf) | LINK