Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs) to implement Systems Medicine

One major aim of ERACoSysMed is to initiate and implement joint transnational calls for research proposals, which are funded and monitored by the national funding bodies. ERACoSysMed wishes to ensure widespread participation of interdisciplinary consortia across Europe with a bottom-up approach.


JTC-1 in 2015

The first call was implemented in 2015 as a call cofunded by the European Union. The call focused on funding demonstrator projects which show the social and economic benefit of the systems medicine approach.

JTC-2 in 2017

The call focused on the implementation of Systems Medicine approaches in clinical research and medical practice by funding a number of high quality research projects that will improve our current knowledge of human health and disease.

JTC-3 in 2019

The call focused on funding research projects that validate existing predictive computational models using biomedical data to expand the knowledge about human diseases and their treatment.